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Severe storm causes extensive damage across Mizoram

10:34 PM Apr 01, 2024 IST | NE NOW NEWS
UpdateAt: 11:14 PM Apr 01, 2024 IST
severe storm causes extensive damage across mizoram

AIZAWL: Mizoram experienced widespread damage as a powerful storm, accompanied by heavy rain and hail, swept through various areas on Sunday (April 01).

Although there were no reported injuries or fatalities, numerous houses and church buildings suffered significant damage, officials confirmed.

In Aizawl district, particularly at Zohmun, Palsang, Tinghmun, Upper Sakawrdai, Zokhawthiang, Mauchar, and surrounding villages, as well as in Saipum and Saiphai villages in Kolasib district, over 400 houses bore the brunt of the storm.

Zohmun alone witnessed the devastation of at least 278 houses, with around 250 homes fully damaged.

Additionally, approximately 55 houses in Palsang village suffered damage from the hailstorm and heavy rain.

Saipum village, where approximately 50 houses had tin roofs, also faced extensive damage due to the hailstorm.

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The havoc continued as a storm, following Easter Sunrise service, wreaked havoc across Mizoram.

A church building belonging to the United Pentecostal Church (UPC) in Lungtan village, Champhai district, collapsed, while another church building in Sialsuk, Aizawl district, was also damaged.

Furthermore, a large pandal under construction in East Lungdar village, Serchhip district, intended for the state-wide conference of the Presbyterian church's middle-aged men wing, sustained complete destruction.

The conference, scheduled to commence on April 12, had completed tent construction up to 98%.

Additional damage was reported in Champhai's Rahsi locality, where an Assam-type building was affected, and in Baktawng village, Aizawl district, where several houses and pig sheds were either fully or partially damaged.

Similar incidents were also reported in Khawzawl, Mamit, and Saitual districts of Mizoram.

Comprehensive assessments of the damage caused by the hailstorm, rain, and storm are currently underway, with district officials diligently evaluating the impact in their respective areas.