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Run for a cleaner Guwahati: IIT-G students host half marathon

11:46 PM Apr 02, 2024 IST | ADREENA BORA
UpdateAt: 11:47 PM Apr 02, 2024 IST
run for a cleaner guwahati  iit g students host half marathon
The Techniche 2024 team addressing the media in Guwahati on Tuesday.

Guwahati: The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati’s (IIT Guwahati’s) annual techno-management fest ‘Techniche’ is back with its 14th edition.

Like every year, Techniche is organizing the ‘Guwahati Half Marathon’ on April 7 this year as a prelude to the annual fest.

Announcing this year’s Guwahati Half Marathon at a press conference held at the Guwahati Press Club on Tuesday (April 2), the Techniche 2024 team highlighted this year’s theme for the half marathon ‘Run For A Cleaner Tomorrow.’

The half marathon will start at 5.15 am from the Karmabir Nabin Chandra Bordoloi Stadium in Guwahati’s Sarusajai.

The half marathon this year with the theme Run For A Cleaner Tomorrow, which in essence, seeks to highlight the urgent need to address the issue of cleanliness and sanitation in Guwahati.

The event will also provide a platform for participants to support the cause and make a positive impact within the communities.

Packed with numerous events, competitions, workshops and initiatives, Techniche is an initiative by the student-led team of IIT Guwahati.

“Techniche has always been a platform for creating a positive impact in the lives of everyone associated with the fest in every way. The Guwahati Half Marathon is no exception. This event is a celebration of fitness, perseverance and human potential, and is a testament to the spirit of Techniche.

"By incorporating the theme of Run For A Cleaner Tomorrow, the event takes on a social dimension, encouraging participants to not only push their physical limits, but also raise awareness about the issue of cleanliness in our society,” Convener of Techniche 2024, Samyak Sharma said.

“Techniche being a brainchild of the Northeast region, which is home to sporting legends  like Mary Kom and Mirabai Chanu, it is not only a social responsibility but also an honour for us to serve the people of Guwahati and initiate positive change in the region. This time, we push forth the bounds of social development. We anticipate generating excitement as we welcome participants from across India to Guwahati for the Guwahati Half Marathon,” he added.

The Guwahati Half Marathon is an attempt by Techniche to get people together to fight for a cause relevant to millions worldwide.

With the backing of the participants and volunteers, Team Techniche is committed to making a significant difference in the campaign for a more pristine Guwahati. Team Techniche encourages everyone to unite with them this year, as they work towards a healthier and more vibrant community.