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Meghalaya: Khasi taxi body calls for ban on out-of-state cabs at tourist spots

11:06 AM Jul 10, 2024 IST | NE NOW NEWS
UpdateAt: 10:29 AM Jul 10, 2024 IST
meghalaya  khasi taxi body calls for ban on out of state cabs at tourist spots

Shillong: The All Khasi Meghalaya Tourist Taxi Association has urged the state government to prohibit vehicles from outside Meghalaya from ferrying passengers to local tourist destinations.

In an appeal, the association stated that while tourist taxis from other states should be allowed to bring tourists into Meghalaya, the responsibility of transporting them within the state should be reserved for local taxi operators.

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According to a letter addressed to Meghalaya tourism minister Paul Lyngdoh, the association specified that the journey for out-of-state vehicles should end in Shillong, after which they should return to their respective states.

The association highlighted the significant influx of vehicles into Meghalaya, noting that daily, around 3500 vehicles bring tourists into the state, with more than 2400 of these coming from outside Meghalaya.

In contrast, local tourist taxis number just over 1100.

Furthermore, the association reported that there are over 5100 Meghalaya-registered vehicles, but more than 4000 of these operate without passengers.

This disparity, according to the association, has been detrimental to local taxi operators, who are losing business daily.

The association has called for immediate governmental intervention to address this issue.