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Manipur unrest: No improvement in situation, says Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

05:00 PM Jul 11, 2024 IST | NE NOW NEWS
UpdateAt: 04:47 PM Jul 11, 2024 IST
manipur unrest  no improvement in situation  says congress leader rahul gandhi

Imphal: Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has called for urgent intervention from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Manipur, where ongoing violence has left the state deeply divided.

Rahul Gandhi, who visited Manipur for a third time recently since the unrest began in May last year, expressed his regret over the lack of progress in restoring peace and stability.

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"After violence started in Manipur, I have been here for the third time, but regretfully there is no improvement in the situation - the state is still divided into two pieces," Rahul Gandhi said.

"Houses are burning, innocent lives are in danger, and thousands of families are forced to spend lives in relief camps."

Rahul Gandhi stated that PM Narendra Modi should personally visit the state, listen to the concerns of the people, and make a direct appeal for peace.

"The Prime Minister should come to Manipur himself and appeal for peace listening to the problems of the people of the state," he urged.

The Congress leader also assured that his party, along with the broader opposition coalition INDIA (Indian National Democratic Inclusive Alliance), would continue to pressure the government to address the crisis in Manipur.

"Congress party and INDIA will pressure the government to end this tragedy by raising the need for peace in Manipur," Rahul Gandhi said.

The violence in Manipur has resulted in significant loss of life and property, with many residents displaced and living in precarious conditions in relief camps.