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Hailstorm ravages northern Mizoram, damaging over 200 rooftops

01:10 PM Apr 01, 2024 IST | Zaheer Akram Bora
UpdateAt: 01:11 PM Apr 01, 2024 IST
hailstorm ravages northern mizoram  damaging over 200 rooftops

AIZAWL: A severe hailstorm struck northern parts of the Northeast state in Mizoram early on Monday (April 01) morning, wreaking havoc and causing extensive damage to rooftops of over 200 houses.

Damages primarily occurred to houses with tin or corrugated rooftops, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The hailstorm in Mizoram took place at around 1 AM.

According to reports, approximately 100 houses suffered significant damage due to the hailstorm at Bilkhawthlir Hmar Veng village of Mizoram.

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The hailstones, unusually large in size, inflicted widespread destruction, even shattering the windows of vehicles parked outside homes.

The impact of the hailstorm spilled over into neighbouring localities, reports say.

An additional 130 houses bore the brunt of the storm’s fury.