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Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi criticises government's flood response in Assam

04:17 PM Jul 09, 2024 IST | NE NOW NEWS
UpdateAt: 04:17 PM Jul 09, 2024 IST
congress mp gaurav gogoi criticises government s flood response in assam

Guwahati: Assam Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi stressed on the urgent need for long-term solutions and significant financial investment to address the ongoing issues of flood and erosion in the state.

Congress MP from Jorhat constituency in Assam, Gaurav Gogoi, criticised the state and the central government over handling of the flood crisis in the state.

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He said that insufficient action has been taken over the past eight years by the "double-engine" BJP government at both state and central levels.

"Flood and erosion response need a long-term solution and significant financial investment to address the problem," Gogoi stated.

He pointed out that despite recurring natural disasters affecting Assam, the efforts to mitigate these issues have been minimal.

Gogoi also accused the Central Water Commission of neglecting Assam's plight.

"The Central Water Commission has ignored Assam for a long time," he said.

In his appeal, Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi urged the union Jal Shakti minister to visit Assam during these challenging times to witness firsthand the devastation caused by the floods and to take immediate action.

"I request the minister of Jal Shakti to visit the state during these difficult times," he said.

The criticism from Gogoi comes amidst widespread flooding in Assam, which has displaced thousands and caused significant damage to property and infrastructure.