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China building villages inside disputed Bhutanese territory, satellite images show

01:07 PM Dec 11, 2023 IST | NE NOW NEWS
UpdateAt: 01:07 PM Dec 11, 2023 IST
china building villages inside disputed bhutanese territory  satellite images show
China building villages inside disputed Bhutanese territory

Guwahati: New satellite images show that China has reportedly been building villages inside disputed territory in Bhutan, raising concerns in the region.

The images, which were provided by Damien Symon, an expert on Chinese territorial claims, show a number of new structures in the Jakarlung Valley, which is located in eastern Bhutan.

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The construction includes homes, roads, and other infrastructure.

The new construction activity comes at a time when Bhutan has been trying to improve relations with China.

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In October, Bhutan's foreign minister visited Beijing for the first time.

However, Bhutan has also been careful to maintain close ties with India, which is China's main rival in the region.

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The new construction activity in the Jakarlung Valley is likely to raise concerns in India.

India has long been wary of China's growing influence in Bhutan, and it has a strong interest in maintaining the status quo in the region.

The construction activity is also likely to be seen as a violation of a 1998 agreement between China and Bhutan not to alter the status quo in disputed areas.

It is also unclear what China's intentions are in building villages in the Jakarlung Valley.