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Chin Forces seize Myanmar’s Matupi bordering Bangladesh and India

09:16 AM Jul 03, 2024 IST | NE NOW NEWS
UpdateAt: 09:16 AM Jul 03, 2024 IST
chin forces seize myanmar’s matupi bordering bangladesh and india
Matupi town (File Image)

Guwahati: The Chin Brotherhood which includes forces from the Zomi Federal Union, Chin National Organization, Mindat Chin National Council, Maraland and Kanpetlet Chin Defense Forces (CDF), and Matupi CDF Brigade 1, has said that it has seized total control of Matupi town in southern Chin State on Saturday after 20 days of fighting.

According to reports, Operation Chin Brotherhood was launched on June 9 to drive junta troops out of Myanmar’s poorest state, which borders Bangladesh and India.

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The Rakhine-based Arakan Army (AA) and Yaw Army from Magwe Region have also joined the operation.

During the operation, The Chin Brotherhood had seized a large cache of weapons including artillery from junta battalions.

It has been learnt that the Chin Brotherhood together with allied forces would continue to drive junta troops out of Chin State.

Moreover, there are reports that the rival Chinland Council troops led by the Chin National Army seized Lailinpi and Rezor towns in Matupi Township in November 2023.

In Matupi town, the local Chinland Defense Force is split into two brigades: Brigade 1 has joined the Chin Brotherhood while Brigade 2 has aligned with the Chinland Council.

The local people in the region are worried about potential conflict when the rival groups install their own administrations.