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Assamese singer Zubeen Garg advocates for trees over Gamosas amid global warming concerns

11:01 AM May 24, 2024 IST | Sasanka Talukdar
UpdateAt: 11:01 AM May 24, 2024 IST
assamese singer zubeen garg advocates for trees over gamosas amid global warming concerns
Zubeen Garg

PATHSALA: At a time when global warming poses a significant threat to the environment, Assam's celebrated singer Zubeen Garg, expressed a preference for trees over the traditional Gamosa, one of Assam's most recognizable cultural symbols.

During a function organized by the United Club at Kenduguri in Pathsala town of Assam, committee members felicitated Garg with Gamosas and Japis.

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However, when a child presented him with a tree, Zubeen Garg took the opportunity to address the audience on environmental issues.

“I like trees more than Gamosas,” Garg stated, emphasizing the practical benefits of planting trees.

“There is no use of Gamosa. Please give me more trees instead of Gamosas; trees will grow up.”

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His remarks come at a time of heightened awareness and concern over global warming and environmental conservation.

The Gamosa, a symbol of Assam's culture and identity, received a Geographical Indication (GI) tag from the central government in 2022.

It is a white rectangular piece of cloth with embroidered red borders and is traditionally presented to guests, elders, family, or friends on special occasions as a sign of respect.

Despite its cultural significance, Garg's plea underscores the pressing need to address environmental challenges through sustainable practices.