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Assam woman and son return to India after 18 months in Pakistan jail

06:01 PM May 29, 2024 IST | NE NOW NEWS
UpdateAt: 06:01 PM May 29, 2024 IST
assam woman and son return to india after 18 months in pakistan jail
Wahida Begum (File image)

GUWAHATI: Wahida Begum and her 11-year-old son, hailing from Assam, were handed over to Indian authorities by Pakistan at the Wagah-Attari border on Wednesday (May 29).

This ended the mother-son’s arduous 18-month ordeal in Pakistan.

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Journey to Freedom

Advocate Santosh Kumar Suman, who represented Wahida Begum, confirmed the handover at the Attari-Wagah border.

He noted that Wahida and her son underwent thorough medical examinations before being transferred to Indian custody to ensure their well-being.

“This is a major diplomatic achievement,” Suman said.

Repatriation Process

Upon their return, Wahida Begum received counselling from the Border Security Force (BSF) as part of the repatriation process.

Her statements will also be recorded under CrPC 164 to ensure all legal procedures are meticulously followed.

Wahida and her son’s family members from Nagaon district in Assam are preparing to approach the Supreme Court to seek their guardianship.

The repatriation process is being conducted under the Repatriation of Prisoners Act of 2003, ensuring adherence to legal norms and international protocols.

Diplomatic Efforts and Challenges

In his remarks to the media, advocate Suman criticized the initial reluctance of the Pakistani government to acknowledge Wahida and her son’s presence in their custody.

However, he noted that persistent diplomatic pressure from Indian authorities ultimately resolved the issue through dialogue and negotiation.