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Assam: Complaint against PM Modi for allegedly disrespecting Mahatma Gandhi

12:07 AM May 30, 2024 IST | Mohsin Khaiyam
UpdateAt: 12:07 AM May 30, 2024 IST
assam  complaint against pm modi for allegedly disrespecting mahatma gandhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Guwahati: On Wednesday, Guwahati-based film producer and Rajat Kamal Award recipient, Luit Kumar Barman filed a complaint against Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Hatigaon Police Station in Guwahati, Assam accusing him of disrespecting Mahatma Gandhi.

Barman in the complaint stated that the Prime Minister disrespected Mahatma Gandhi during a speech.

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Sharing a copy of the FIR on social media, Barman detailed the complaint filed at Hatigaon Police Station. He recalled a previous complaint he had filed against former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the coal gate scandal at Dispur Police Station.

In the complaint, Barman wrote, "I would like to inform you that our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has stated in election campaigning that our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi is known to the world till a movie is made on him. This is highly derogatory statement and can not be acceptable by a citizen of India whom we consider as the father of the nation and that was taught in our school also."

He added, "As citizen, we can not accept insult to Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi is larger than life and no film is required to introduce him in the world."

He further wrote, "By comparing Mahatma Gandhi with a film, Narendra Modi has defamed Mahatma Gandhi along with the people of India. Therefore, I request you to take action against Narendra Modi under relevant section of law."