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Assam: Chairman of financial firm arrested in Barpeta for alleged fraud

08:14 AM Jun 28, 2024 IST | Sasanka Talukdar
UpdateAt: 12:27 AM Jun 28, 2024 IST
assam  chairman of financial firm arrested in barpeta for alleged fraud

Pathsala: In a decisive operation, police in Barpeta district of Assam have arrested Rituparna Pathak, the chairman of Shraddha Surabhi Nidhi Limited, on charges of fraudulent activities within the organisation.

The arrest follows numerous complaints from customers of the financial firm who reported significant delays in receiving their Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) payments.

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The delays, which began surfacing in February, contradicted the firm’s promises of timely payments, raising concerns among the investors.

Further allegations indicate that Shraddha Surabhi Nidhi Limited offered varying profit percentages to different individuals, contributing to suspicions of discriminatory and unfair practices.

As the financial irregularities became more apparent, affected customers from various parts of Barpeta district in Assam lodged complaints with the police.

Acting on these reports, police in Barpeta district of Assam launched an investigation that culminated in Pathak's detention.

At this stage, Assam police officials have not disclosed further details regarding the case to the media.