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Act of god events and car insurance: How are they covered?

04:44 PM Jun 10, 2024 IST | NE NOW NEWS
UpdateAt: 04:44 PM Jun 10, 2024 IST
act of god events and car insurance  how are they covered
Act of god events surround a wide range of natural phenomena that are beyond human influence or control.

In the world of car insurance, the term "act of god" often conjures images of natural disasters, but what exactly does it entail and how does it impact your car insurance coverage? Act of god events refers to unforeseeable occurrences beyond human control, such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters. In this article, we'll dive deep into Act of god events and their implications for car insurance, helping you understand how these events are covered and how you can protect yourself against their impact.

What qualifies as an act of god event?

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Act of god events surround a wide range of natural phenomena that are beyond human influence or control. These may include:

  • Natural disasters: Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and tsunami are classic examples of acts of god events that can cause widespread damage and disruption.
  • Extreme weather: Severe weather events such as hailstorms, blizzards and lightning strikes can also be classified as acts of god events, particularly if they result in significant damage to property or vehicles.
  • Geological events: Events such as landslides, sinkholes and volcanic eruptions are considered acts of god events due to their sudden and unpredictable nature.

How are act of god events covered by car insurance?

The comprehensive car insurance coverage protects against damage to your car resulting from natural disasters, extreme weather and geological events. The insurer would reimburse the losses extent to the sum insured, faced by the vehicle of the policyholder that will protect you from financial burdens.

Tips for protecting yourself against act of god events

While you can't prevent act of god events from occurring, you can take proactive steps to reduce their impact:

  • Invest in comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage provides the broadest protection, so consider adding this coverage to your car insurance knowing that your car is protected against a wide range of natural disasters.

  • Review your policy carefully

Take the time to review your car insurance policy carefully and understand the extent such as exclusions or limitations of coverage.

  • Maintain your vehicle

Regular maintenance and inspections can help identify potential issues with your car before they escalate into major problems. Keep your car in good condition by following the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and addressing any issues promptly.

  • Stay informed

Stay informed about weather forecasts and potential natural disasters in your area. Take proactive measures to protect your car, such as parking in a garage or covered area during severe weather events, if possible.


Act of god events are unpredictable and uncontrollable forces of nature that can cause significant damage to a car. You can protect yourself against their financial implications by securing comprehensive car insurance coverage. Taking proactive steps to reduce their impact will help you drive with confidence knowing that you're prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.